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AASV Membership

Veterinarians and Veterinary Students worldwide are eligible for membership in the American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV).

Membership includes the following benefits:

Individuals seeking Active, Associate, Student, or Graduate Student membership, please complete and submit the Membership Application.

Non-veterinarians may apply for AFFILIATE Membership in the AASV. This requires a different application, which must be reviewed and approved by the AASV Executive Committee. Most successful applicants have an advanced degree in a related field such as animal science or nutrition and are actively conducting research of benefit to the swine industry. AFFILIATE members receive all of the benefits of membership with the exception of voting and office holding privileges. Click here for a pdf of the Affiliate Membership Application.

Individuals seeking Inactive (retired) and Life membership should contact the AASV office.

Classes of AASV membership

The following is a summary of the requirements and benefits of the various classes of membership in AASV and subscription to JSHAP. These are subject to change by the AASV Board at any time. This information is believed correct as of April 2024. The requirements listed here are the briefest of summaries; please see the current bylaws or contact the AASV office for complete descriptions.

Active membership

Associate membership

Student members

Graduate student members

Affiliate members

Inactive (retired) members

Life member

JSHAP subscriber

Print subscriptions to the Journal of Swine Health and Production are available to any individual or organization. A subscription is not a class of membership. The online edition of the Journal is available for free.